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Coopah: warm up and drills

Coopah: warm up and drills

Running is an incredible activity that boosts your mental, physical and social wellbeing – and so much more.But to make the most of your runs, it's important you warm up correctly. You'll perform better, enjoy your outing more, and decrease your chance of injury.

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Here at Coopah, we aim to support every runner on their journey. So, if you want to start your own journey today, download the Coopah app and get started!


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With the Coopah app you’ll get:

  • a fully personalised training plan built around your availability and goals
  • unlimited coaching support 24/7
  • streaks and incentives to keep you motivated
  • access to our community of other runners, physios and mental health experts to give you support and advice right up to Event Day
  • the ability to track your progress and your weekly or monthly mileage

And on top of that, if you download the Coopah app today you’ll get a two-week free trial!