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Meet Clare

We speak to Clare from Mental Heath Mates

We're proud to partner with Mental Health Mates, a network of support groups where members can walk, connect and share without fear or judgement. This week, we chat to Clare, who leads a walking group in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Why did you become a Mental Health Mates Walk Leader?

"After reading the book by Bryony Gordon (founder of Mental Health Mates), Mad Girl, I was inspired to start Mental Health Mates Beverley. I’ve lived with anxiety and depression all my life and wanted to share my experiences with others.

"As the mum of a young girl growing up in a challenging world, I wanted to show her that talking openly about mental health is a positive thing to do."

How has being part of the community positively impacted your mental health?

"Being part of Mental Health Mates Beverley has allowed me to learn more about what is happening in my local community and the other organisations that are supporting it. Meeting people in my community who understand what it is like to struggle has made me feel less alone with my own challenges."

What advice would you offer someone that would like to get involved with Mental Health Mates?

"Don't hesitate to contact Mental Health Mates for advice on how to set up your own group. Starting my own walking group has changed my life. I’ve met some amazing people and other walk leaders who have become special friends."

Where do you take your walking group and what do you do on your walks?

"We walk all around the historic market town of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. We like to walk and talk regularly, and where we can we like to do things as a group like have coffee and cake and visit the cinema."

Get involved

Mental Health Mates knows from experience that mental illness magnifies through isolation. So, whether it is talking to someone, sharing with them or simply walking beside them, getting connect can be the first step to recovery.

To learn more about and support Mental Health Mates, click here.