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Jenni Falconer

Q&A with Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer presents the breakfast show on Smooth London and appears regularly on ITV’s This Morning as a travel reporter.

Why did you start running?
I started running more than 20 years ago as it was a form of exercise that I could juggle with my work hours – and I quickly loved the way it made me feel.

I enjoyed the challenge, my increased fitness levels and just being outside running around gave me a real sense of feeling good. When I started, the aim was to run for 30 minutes without stopping... now I’ve taken part in many marathons. I’m hooked!

What motivates you to run?
There are many reasons to run – the health benefits, improved fitness, burning calories (so I can justify some cake later!), the fact it helps my skin to glow, being outside, getting fresh air, the sense of freedom, the chance to explore, seeing things differently, the feeling of the endorphins… but more than anything, it’s great for my mind. It destresses me, it’s my meditation time and it boosts my mood.

How often do you run?
Four times a week, sometimes five, but I do try to keep some rest days as I don’t want to get injured by doing too much.

Celebrate You is all about running for your head and your heart. How has running helped improve the mental health and wellbeing?
It’s funny how by doing exercise you feel relaxed, your mind is decluttered and any issue that was causing stress is suddenly simplified. Running provides clarity and gives you time out – that’s what I love about it.

You’re a busy working mum – how do you manage to fit it all in?
I have to schedule it all. I run as my commute home from work. It’s a juggle but it can all come together, you just have to make a plan.

What advice would you give to a first-time runner or someone considering getting more active?
Just get out there. The fact you’re considering it means you’re halfway there. The toughest part is getting out the door but once you start, you’ll be on your way. If you’re not feeling it so much, agree that you’ll start and say that you’ll stop after 10 minutes – chances are that you won’t stop!

You’re running the first-ever virtual Vitality London 10,000 this month – why should other people sign up and join you?
It’s a great challenge. It’s a distance that’s far enough to push you but not hard enough to be impossible for new runners. I have got my husband doing it too – it’s his first-ever 10K. It’s exciting that he can take part and run his own route – one he’s familiar with and has practised. I am going to do it on my commute. We should all do one virtual race and this is a brilliant one to sign up for.