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Sarah Ellis

Q&A with Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis is a fashion stylist and one half of fashion and lifestyle blog, Instagram and YouTube channel, We Are Twinset. She’s also mum of two-year-old Lenny and a newfound runner!

Why did you start running?
I was nominated to do the ‘Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5’ challenge during lockdown. It opened my eyes to the amazingness of running and I was hooked. I got the bug and trained myself to do a half marathon in August with my running partner and cousin Amanda.

What motivates you to run?
The sheer pleasure it gives me, the endorphins, the me time and the fact that, once I get started, I know I’m going to enjoy it (even on those days when I feel like I have no energy!).

How often do you go out running?
During lockdown it was three times a week without fail, right now with life and work resuming it’s once or twice a week.

Celebrate You is all about running for your head and your heart. How has running helped improve your mental health and wellbeing?
It was the one of the few things during lockdown that helped keep me sane. It became a routine and I loved the fact that it gave me some time out on my own, listening to a podcast or music and being outside. It instantly lifts my mood and I can see how it helps clear my head. I genuinely come back from my morning run a different person.

You’re a busy, working mum – how do you manage to fit it all in? And do you have any tips for other parents out there who are thinking of starting to run?
It was much easier in summer when it was brighter in the morning! But I’m a serious morning person and I find if I don’t go first thing, I just can’t motivate myself. On my running days it’s literally brush teeth, get dressed and go! I also crave routine, so I have a bit of a weekly schedule where I coordinate with my husband when I can run, and he does the same with his workouts, that way I can’t make excuses not to go!

I also found having a bit of a schedule of how to get started and build up time running really helpful – there’s lots out there, like Couch to 5K. I had my cousin who was my real-life motivator, but we also used a running coach to hit the goal of the half marathon.

What would advice would you give to a first-time runner or someone considering taking up running/exercise?
Don’t worry about speed, just put one foot in front of the other and go! It doesn’t matter how fast you run to reap the benefits, and speed is something you can work on once you build up your stamina.

You’re running the first-ever virtual Vitality London 10,000 this month – why should other people sign up and join you?
It’s the most amazing feeling to set yourself a challenge and complete it, and to be able to help a charity at the same time. I’m going to be running for Rays of Sunshine, a charity very close to my heart. It helps brighten the lives of seriously ill children or children with life-limiting illnesses in the UK by granting wishes and hosting events and activity days, as well as providing children and their families with ongoing support in hospitals and the community.

Whether you walk, jog, run or sprint, why not get your trainers on and give it a go? And let’s encourage as many other friends and family as we can to do it too. Plus it’s a great way to try out the benefits of running – you won’t turn back – promise!

You can donate to Sarah’s fundraising page here.